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Steel stud framing just got easier.

      If you’re a pro in the trades, you know what rhythm is to workflow. You also know what disruptions to that momentum do to productivity—especially when multiplied over a sizeable workforce.     

      At Cinch Framing, each of our tools has proven itself for durability, ease of use, smooth progression of work, and a significant reduction in man-hours. When it comes to your crew's efficiency and bottom line, that's something you can take to the bank.

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Our Commitment 

       At Cinch Framing, we've come from a framing / building background, so we know the demands of being on the job. We also know the satisfaction of a job well done and that you've given it your best. We're the new kid on the block, but our goal is to bring those same high standards and satisfaction into everything that we do.

      From innovation and designs that save you time and effort, to offering high-quality tools that work right, "feel" right, and will last; we pledge to give you our very best. We hope you'll give our products a try, and that you'll let us become a trusted partner in your work day.



        We think America is a pretty special place, and that Americans are some of the most generous folks on the planet. We also believe that a strong America is a good thing. With the unfortunate reality of human rights abuses in our world including child and slave labor, and the militarization of countries that despise our way of life, we feel it's good stewardship to know what our hard-earned dollars are helping to fund.

       Cinch Framing is committed to purchasing our raw materials first from "USA-owned/ USA-made" suppliers, and, if unavailable domestically, from countries we consider non-combative and friendly to us. As such, we include specific country of origin info for our products' components in the product descriptions. In addition, the manufacturing and assembly of our products are done in Montana, except where noted.

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