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As a startup, we're currently nailing down our supply chain logistics. We apologize for our prices being absent at present and any inconvenience. We'll post them as soon as possible. Thank you!

Cinch Clamps Locking Pliers

This is the tool that started it all. Born of a need for locking pliers that fit into the smaller stud cavities of SCAFCO's patented SoundGuard acoustic studs, they’ve proven themselves superior in every stud-to-track framing scenario we’ve thrown at them.


Our Cinch Clamps boast a streamlined profile that gets into those tight areas and with room to spare for straight or 90° drivers. While our standard model is big enough to reach deep into a stud cavity, they’re only as big as they need to be. So, whether clamping these back onto your belt or dropping them into your bags, that means less bulk—and less weight. 

Manufacture Status: As needed; Currently retrofitting DeWalt model DWHT75906 clamping pliers with 4140 Chrome-moly clamping pads.

Seeking manufacturing partner to build to Cinch Specifications.

"Cinch Bench" Cut Table

Take the hassle out of building a cut table for every saw on every site-- or taking up valuable space in your truck or trailer to get 'em there. We provide the hardware to build your bench-- and you supply the studs. The saw brackets are made from 1/4" plate and have 2-1/8" wide receptacles to securely mount to most studs.


Our material supports match the height of your saw's cutting deck, and they slide easily to accommodate different cut lengths. They also eliminate moving sawhorses back and forth for proper support, and because they ride the table's rails, support issues due to scrap or other materials beneath the table aren't a problem.


Bolts (not shown) in the material supports coupled with our optional "flip-up stud stop" provides fast, accurate, and "repeatable" cuts.

Our current model fits the DeWalt D28715 saw. Models to fit other brands of saws with different deck heights are in the design queue. Patent claims further cover wood-cutting miter saws and other stationary power tools-- and also claim in-tool receptacles.

Manufacture Status: As required
Patent Status: Pending

Top Track Hanger

No more wasting man-hours with a worker on the ground with a 20' stud trying to swing one end of your track into its final position-- or tying up a second framer on a crowded lift. Our patented top track tool is that second set of hands you wish you had.


Made for installing top track to the underside of pan deck or other metal structures, we offer both rigid and low-profile cable versions. Each is fully adjustable to compensate for irregularities along the installed plane of the top track, to work around adjacent obstacles, or for use in various other framing situations.  

Manufacture Status: Rigid version in stock; Awaiting 3D printed parts for final cable version

Patent Status: patent # US 11,111,669

     Our current embodiment is designed to lock into the DeWalt model D28715 saw.  Models to fit Bosch, other DeWalt models, and other saws are planned.

      Our accessory is designed for use with a diamond-embedded steel blade for a consistent geometric relationship between the blade and the studs.

Optimum-Incline Stud Accessory

     Our Stud Accessory began life as a mock-up to establish the incline angles and dimensions for the most efficient cut with our patented, Variable-Incline Cutting Deck (shown below). The plan was to replicate the angles and dimensions for the deck's fabrication, but after the mock-up was built, its potential as a low-budget version of our cutting deck was realized. We've since applied for a U.S. patent and will likely extend that to an international application. 

     We're providing two videos: One is a demo of a time and weight trial; the other is a brief word on what you CAN"T see in the video. As for that time/ weight trial, here are the stats:

  • Two 6” heavy-gauge studs on a DeWalt saw under a mere 15 lbs. of force took 39+ seconds to cut the studs. (We say "seconds 'plus'" because the cutting action ceased at multiple points during the cut and required intermittent, substantial pressure to continue the cut)

  • The same studs on our Accessory with the same saw and same force (and without help) took only 14 seconds to cut!  

That’s more than twice as fast when using consistent and average operator pressure! This translates to smoother, faster cuts; reduced man-hour expenditures; less wear on your saws--- and less wear on your saw operator's arm.

Decrease the downward pressure required per cut AND increase your speed!

Manufacturing Status: In prep for Montana mass-production

Patent Status: Patent pending

Manufacture Status: Finalizing Designs; 
Planning to begin production by Mid-December.
Patent Status: Patent # US 11,072,031

Variable-Incline Cutting Deck

     Our patented Variable-Incline Cutting Deck is an entire cutting deck designed to reduce the blade-to-stud contact area throughout the blade's range of motion. This concept and the associated designs have led to far faster cuts under a significantly lighter and noticeably smoother, consistent, downward force. "Pleasurable" describes cuts made using our prescribed geometry.

     Multiple deck positions provide optimum cutting of various material profiles. Designed to be used with your chop saw's motor, we'll provide the instructions for a fast and easy motor swap.

     After building our mock-up to establish the precise and optimum blade-to-stud geometry for our Variable-Incline Cutting Deck, we substantially reduced overall stud cut times and the required cut force. We then took a slight detour to flesh out our mock-up as our "Optimum-Incline Stud Accessory" (shown above).  As such, our Cutting Deck is still in the design/ fabrication queue-- but it will include an "undisclosed" clamp design we think you'll appreciate.

     PLEASE NOTE that because we'll be replicating the dimensions and angles of our Stud Accessory for our Cutting Deck, the Demo of our Stud Accessory will give a reasonable idea of what to expect from our deck's performance. Until our Cutting Deck is finalized, we're linking our Cutting Deck Demo button to our Stud Accessory video... We'll post updated photos and videos ASAP.

Wide-Capacity Cutting Deck

Backhoes, wheel loaders, and telehandlers are only a few pieces of equipment on a jobsite that use an articulated quadrilateral to maintain specific geometric relationships throughout a range of motion. Fancy terms, but we’ve applied this simple principle to the workhorse of our trade, the chop saw. More specifically, by combining our patented Variable-Incline Cutting Deck with our international patent-pending Motor Mount, our initial numbers and designs promise to give you our proven time/labor-saving benefits AND increased cutting width capacity in a single tool.


Our rugged design will allow cutting of an entire bundle of 4" studs at a time without rolling the bundle or re-aligning the cut-- and it isn't compromised by sparks, metal dust, or grit. Designs planned to accommodate Bosch, DeWalt, Milwaukee, Craftsman, and other saws.  Includes instructions for easily mounting your motor to our Cutting Deck.

Currently in fabrication queue; Photos coming soon...

Manufacture Status: Currently in preparation for domestic, Montana production.

Patent Status:

  • Articulating element-- preparing for National Stage w/ favorable

       PCT Int'l Search Report;

  • Variable-incline element-- patent # US 11,072,031

Cinch Laser Target

Don’t let the looks of this little guy fool you. Until now, low-tech laser targets relied on reflectance of the target's crosshairs to visually determine the position of the laser’s beam. Consider two things:

  • First, as distances between the target and laser increase, so does the beam spread. This means that when your target’s crosshairs reflect the beam, it may only be the edge of the beam hitting that crosshair.  That can put your wall out a quarter inch or more—per setup.

  • Second, brighter light conditions make discernment of the beam more difficult, especially at distance.

Both of these conditions normally require either one person making multiple trips between the laser and target to accurately center the beam—or putting a second person at each end every time your laser is moved

Our Cinch Target

  • compensates for any brand of laser's beam width,

  • compensates for beam spread at any visible distance,

  • uses our patented arrangement of light reflective and light absorptive surface elements for quick and accurate beam placement by one person, and 

  • uses the highest grade of materials for superior light reflectance and absorption—even in brighter environments where other targets fail.

  • Includes mounting clip with magnetic head; provides multiple target orientations.

Manufacture Status: Expecting to ramp up Montana 3D print production by late November.

Patent Status: Patent # US 11,796,317

A very special thanks to Donovan Mosser of Selbys in Billings, Montana for supplying the laser tools and for his assistance with the demonstration video!

Selbys offers Survey/Construction Equipment & Sales; Printing/Graphics; CAD Software; Service; Rentals; and Office/ Wide Format & MFP Sales in Billings, Bozeman, Helena, and Missoula, Montana.

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